Staff Testimonials

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“Being able to lead sports sessions with a variety of ages and abilities put me in a great position when it came to my teacher training. Managing camps and leading trips off-site helped improve my organisation and management skills, which I have been able to take forward into my career.”

Alex Beard, P.E. Teacher at Thomas Bennett Community College

Previous role at Pioneer: Sports Coach (Full-Time)

“Working at Pioneer for 2 years helped me grow up and realise that I wanted to push myself further. I was able to learn and develop professional skills as part of my role, all while gaining a qualification that allowed me to move on and pursue further education.”

Ben Lee, Studying Psychology at University of East Anglia

Previous role at Pioneer: Apprentice (Level 2, Children & Young People’s Workforce)

“Working for Pioneer Childcare has been such an enjoyable experience, I’ve learnt so much from other members of staff and the experience alone. Coming through the Kickstart program to now being trained to step up by my manager wouldn’t have been possible without the continued support from staff and the Company”

Callum Greed

“Having worked as a teacher for 4 years, I absolutely love that I now get to spend time with children in such an enjoyable and nurturing environment at Pioneer. Working here has given me the opportunity to develop all my skills further with some incredible children and a hugely supportive staff team. I love the fact that I now get to work with children without worrying about data and targets, instead I get to enjoy watching them grow and flourish whilst having so much fun with them.”

Grace Willens

Head of Education and Welfare

“Working at Pioneer increased my confidence in so many ways. Anyone who worked with me at the start of my Pioneer journey can remember how shy I was and how much I lacked in confidence. But the incredible support I had from Day 1 – especially from my managers – definitely moulded me into the person I am today. I will be forever grateful to Dan for giving me the opportunity to be involved with this company.”

Sam Oosterbaan, Studying Sports Management & Development at University of Portsmouth

Previous role at Pioneer: Sports Coach (Full-Time)

“I clearly remember the sense of fun and the freedom to get to know the children without the pressures of targets and progress. Children are Great!”

Justin Moss, Deputy Head at Waterfield Primary

Previous role at Pioneer: Holiday Camp Manager

“The management truly have your best interests at heart and want to see you grow as a person, not just an employee. Naturally, a great deal of importance is placed on professionalism when dealing with customers, but once the children have gone home you continue to be supported by the most amazing team.”

Georgia Davey-Sellars, Currently on Maternity Leave

Previous role at Pioneer: Apprentice (Level 2, Children & Young People’s Workforce)