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A summary of our Ofsted reports

Read the quotes below for a very quick snapshot of the feedback we’ve received.

“Staff are welcoming and offer a caring environment. They build strong relationships with the children and get to know them very well. Children are excited to invite them to take part in their play.”

Nicola Edwards, Inspector

Manor Field, October 2018

“Children form strong
emotional bonds with adults
in the setting. At the inspection, children said that ‘Pioneer staff are the best’.”

Alison Weaver, Inspector

Haywards Heath, Oct 2016

“The staff are good role models and effectively encourage children’s positive behaviour. Children have good relationships with staff, which helps to strengthen their emotional well-being.”

Alison Weaver, Inspector

Southway, Oct 2018

“Children are confident & settled in this friendly, welcoming club. They have positive relationships with staff & each other and enjoy the activities provided.”

Rebecca Khabbazi, Inspector

Manor Field, July 2016

“Parents are happy with the service offered. They comment how happy their children are and that they request to attend extra sessions. They praise the good communication and wide range of activities offered.”

Nicola Edwards, Inspector

Manor Field, October 2018

“Parents value the service the club offers and praise how well the club is organised. They state that their children really enjoy attending and come home very happy.”

Shan Jones, Inspector

Haywards Heath, July 2013

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