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Booking Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing Pioneer Childcare Limited for your wraparound needs. Please read these conditions carefully.  If you have any questions, please call us.


Bookings, Cancellations & Payments

Holiday Camps

Payment for holiday camps: Payment for holiday camps must be made in full, at the time of booking.

Swapping Sessions:

We do not have the capacity to swap any holiday sessions either from venue to venue or day to day once your sessions are booked. This is so we can guarantee the accuracy of our registers, staffing ratios, and ensure effective safeguarding of the children attending.

Cancelling a camp session: If you cancel a session giving more than 1 week of notice, we will credit your Pioneer account to the value of the session(s) cancelled. Any cancellations made after this deadline will not be eligible for credit or refund. Credit can be retained on your account and used to book additional childcare (both term time and holidays) or can be refunded upon request.

Term Time Childcare – Ad Hoc Bookings

Payments for ad-hoc term time care:

Payments for ad-hoc term time care must be made in full at the time of booking.

On the day bookings: We are not able to accept bookings on the day. This deadline is in place to guarantee the accuracy of our registers and ensure effective safeguarding of the children attending.

Swapping Sessions: We do not have the capacity to swap any termtime sessions from one day to another once your sessions are booked. This is so we can guarantee the accuracy of our registers, staffing ratios, and ensure effective safeguarding of the children attending.

Cancelling a term time ad hoc session: If you cancel an ad hoc session and require a refund, you must cancel one full week, 7 days (or more) in advance.  Credit will be automatically applied to your account and can be refunded upon request.

Term Time Childcare – Permanent Bookings

Payment for permanent term time childcare:

In return for Pioneer Childcare providing breakfast and/or after school care to the Child, the Parent agrees to pay the agreed fee, monthly, in advance. Payment is due in full by the 1st working day of the month and will be taken automatically. It is the Parent’s responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are available via their default debit card, Pioneer Account balance or a combination of both.

A £25 administration fee will be levied each month payment is not made on time. This will be payable immediately. Repeated late payments or failure to pay a late fine may result in a withdrawal of the service.

Multi-day discount: applies to full weeks (Monday-Friday) only.

Cancelling a permanent term time session: Please note cancellations of individual permanent booking sessions are not eligible for credit, swapping or refund.

Changing or cancelling your set permanent booking: If you would like to amend your Permanent Booking pattern, (or cancel your Permanent Booking in full) you are required to give one calendar months’ notice. You will be charged for your current booking for the duration of that month regardless of whether your child attends the sessions you wish to amend or remove. After the duration of that month, your booking will change (or cease) according to your request.

Once the months’ notice has expired and your session is vacant this will be offered to the next available customer on our waiting list.  You are not able to swap a sibling or other family member into the session being vacated in preference of the waiting list.


Any account with a negative balance due to non-payment of any ad hoc sessions or permanent bills will be unable to book any further sessions until this debit has been cleared. Failure to clear any debit may result in a permanent block and the account will be closed.  We do not accept duplicate accounts.

Attending school run extra-curricular activities.

Any parent wishing their child to take part in extra-curricular activities run by either the host school or another provider must inform us in writing, via email, prior to their child attending the club, and provide us with the following information:

  • The name of the club their child will be attending
  • The duration of the club (e.g., 6 weeks, termly, full year)
  • The name of the provider/facilitator (either the school or another provider)
  • The day the club is taking place, with a clear indication of the start and finish times
  • The location of the extra-curricular activity

If we do not receive this information prior to the club starting, Pioneer will expect the child to arrive at our Afterschool Club at the usual time.  The full policy can be found on our website or by calling the office.


Children’s behaviour and end-of-day collections


For our service to run smoothly, we ask all parents to be prompt when arriving and collecting children. You may of course ask someone else to collect your child if you are running late; we will require their name to be added to your emergency contact list with emergency contact numbers for them.  They will be required to provide photographic ID when they collect your child.

Late collections: Children must be collected by the finish time of their booked session. Please note that if you or your nominated person collects later than the allocated finish time, you may be billed £25 per occurrence. Repeated lateness will result in you no longer being able to use our service.

Behavioural expectations: All children are expected to behave according to our behaviour policy (which is available for you to read at each of our settings or on our website). Any serious deviation from this may result in a child being removed from the club/camp and not allowed to return.

Exclusion from using our service: We reserve the right to cancel your booking with us at any time, for reasons such as (but not limited to) repeated lateness collecting your child, repeated failure to cancel unwanted sessions, repeatedly paying your fees late. In these instances, we will write to you to give you a final warning.

Children’s Welfare

Sickness: We ask that if your child has sickness or diarrhoea they do not return to club/camp for a period of 48 hours after the last episode. If your child falls ill during the morning session at our Term Time Breakfast Club, we will call you and ask you to collect them. If you are unable to collect within the session time your child will be taken to school and left with the School Office staff for collection.

We reserve the right to refuse admittance, and the right to suspend provision to any child if, in the opinion of Pioneer Childcare the child is not fit to attend due to illness.

Medicines: We can only administer medicine that has been prescribed by a registered General Practitioner.  All medicines must be clearly named and labelled and given to the Manager. This is a requirement even if the medicine is not to be administered during the session. Children are not allowed to have medicines in their bags. If we are required to administer medicine whilst your child is at Pioneer, you will need to fill in a consent form and hand it to the manager upon arrival. Please note medicine must be in its original packaging.

First aid: By accepting these terms and conditions you give permission for all necessary first aid to be administered to your child in the event of an emergency.

Toilet training: We understand that accidents do sometimes happen (and of course will deal with them sensitively when they do) but we cannot accept children who are unable to go to the toilet independently. By accepting these terms and conditions you confirm that your child can do this.


Emergency Contacts:

All accounts registered with Pioneer Childcare must have two different emergency contacts.  These contacts must be in addition to the account holders’ details and include the adult with additional parental responsibility (where possible). 

Please be aware that your emergency contact list also acts as a preauthorised collection list.  We do not release your child/children from Pioneer to any one not on your collection list.  In an emergency we will accept notification of a collection change via a phone call or email.  We will confirm this to the email of the account holder.  The person collecting your child/children must provide photographic ID.

Insurance: We have full Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance.

Photographs for promotional purposes: From time to time, we may ask a DBS checked photographer to take photographs and/or video clips. All footage is passed to the manager and then wiped from the photographer’s camera. Please inform us if you object to your child being in photos or video footage.

Photographs for children’s records: Photographs can be used to form part of our record of children’s development. This is a requirement under OFSTED regulations.

Personal loss or injury: Pioneer Childcare does not accept liability for personal injury or death of any participants unless directly caused by the proven negligence of the company or its staff.  Pioneer Childcare will take all reasonable measures to ensure that all the children’s belongings are kept safe, however we do not accept responsibility for the loss of any items such as, but not limited to, clothing, school bags, water bottles, mobile phones, toys.

Activities: We always endeavour to group children within our advertised age groups however, due to staff to child ratios, and dependant on the ages of the children attending on the day, we reserve the right to group children differently to that advertised. 

Personal data: By submitting your email address and contact telephone number, you agree to receive marketing information and updates via email and text message regarding our service, as well as appropriate and useful communications. This includes but is not limited to news and information about Pioneer Childcare and our services and industry updates. At any time, you can remove yourself from these email and text message lists by mailing and requesting that your contact details are removed from our database. Your email address, contact number and personal information will never be made available to another organisation for marketing purposes without your explicit consent. Pioneer Childcare are committed to ensuring you remain in control of the personal data you provide.

Temporary Interruption of Provision: Pioneer Childcare acknowledge that they will not be under any liability or responsibility to the Parent or Child in respect of any temporary interruption in, or temporary failure of, or delay, in providing either term time or holiday childcare. If such failure or delay is caused by the temporary unavailability of staff, building or maintenance work to the premises, fire, abnormal weather conditions, emergency scenarios, Government action or regulations or by some other cause (whatever the description and not necessarily limited to the foregoing examples) beyond the reasonable control of Pioneer Childcare, no recompense will be made.

Policies and procedures: Copies of Pioneer Childcare policies and procedures are available at each of our settings, on our website and upon request