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Harlands School Lunches

Healthy & nutritious packed lunches for Harlands pupils

We are very proud to have been selected as the chosen provider of school lunches to Harlands Primary Academy pupils from September 2019.  Offering this service in partnership with the school, we share the collective aim of ensuring every child receives a lunch that they love, that is good for them and most importantly – that they eat!

At Pioneer, we understand the significance of providing a child with a lunch.  We know that meals and mealtimes are a very important part of family life, and that lunch is an important part of the school day.  Our skilled catering team work from bespoke industrial kitchens and, over the last 7 years, have provided more than 400,000 healthy & nutritious meals to children in our care.  The benefit of this experience is that we understand and mirror your expectation of high quality school lunches, that your child will enjoy.

What’s in a lunch?


A sandwich

A sandwich, wrap, roll or bagel, filled with one of your child’s favourite fillings.

A piece of fruit

A daily rotation of various seasonal fruits (for example apples, satsumas & bananas).

Vegetable crudities

A combination of freshly prepared crudites (for example carrot & cucumber sticks).

A 'Pioneer' Goodie

A ‘homemade’, low sugar & low fat ‘goodie’ (for example flapjack or shortbread).

How does it work?

You Select

Upon registering for lunches with us, we ask you to select which foods your child likes to eat.

We Create

Based on your choices, our catering team creates a bespoke lunch for your child each day.

We Deliver

Packed lunches are labelled up in our kitchen and then delivered to Harlands Primary Academy.

Children Eat

Children receive their packed lunch as lunchtime begins, open it up and enjoy the contents!

We Tidy Up

Our eco-friendly packaging allows us to tidy up, take away and compost 100% of what’s leftover.

How do I sign up?

To sign up a child starting Reception in September 2021, please click here to complete our online registration form.

To sign up a child that already attend Harlands, simply contact us via phone or emailAll children in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 are entitled to our school lunches free of charge.

Please note: This service is currently only available to pupils attending Harlands Primary Academy.  However, if your child attends a different school that you believe would be interested this service, we’d love to hear from you.

Have questions? Our team are happy to help on 01444 411388