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Breakfast Club

A typical morning

Our Breakfast Club at Manor Field runs from a standalone double-classroom unit at the front of the school site, which was fully renovated to meet our needs in 2014.  It is a vibrant and exciting place for children to prepare themselves for the school day ahead, located conveniently just a 2-minute walk from Wivelsfield Station and less than a mile from Burgess Hill Station.

Each morning our experienced staff team work hard to offer kids a nutritious and filling breakfast, alongside a varied and appropriate choice of activities.  We are constantly monitoring and supporting children, to ensure everyone has been well fed, entertained & is ready to start their day by the time they leave breakfast club to be safely supervised to their classroom on-site or another school by a member of our staff.

Call the Manor Field Burgess Hill Club directly on 01444 248 427

Sign in

Firstly, sign your child in and let us know if they require breakfast & lunch that day.

Eat breakfast

A healthy breakfast comes next, ensuring your child is full-up and ready to learn.

Have fun!

After breakfast is done, kids are free to get stuck into their choice of activity.

Off to school

Our staff ensure kids have a safe journey to class, either on foot or in one of our vehicles.

Please select the school your child is a pupil of
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7:00am – Start of school

Our breakfast club is open from 7am every morning to offer children a lovely breakfast and some fun and games before school. Children tend to arrive any time between 7 – 7.45am, and their first task is to eat some breakfast (if they haven’t already had it at home).

The children can then settle down into some independent activities before the club comes together to play a staff-led game. Shortly after, children from Birchwood Grove and Sheddingdean head off via our minibus service, while Manor Field children continue to participate in group activities until the start of their day.




Birchwood Grove
Manor Field
On site

Are you registered with Ofsted?

Yes, we are on the Early Years and Childcare registers.

Are your staff DBS checked?

Every member of our staff is DBS checked.

Are your staff trained in First Aid?

Yes, all our full-time staff receive full Paediatric First Aid training.

What time can I drop off?

You can drop off any time after club opens. If you’d like your child to have breakfast with us please drop off before 7:45am, otherwise the latest drop off is 8:00am.

What will my child be given for breakfast?

Your child will be able to choose from a selection of cereals, toast and bread, spreads, fresh fruit, milk and water.

Do you cater for food allergies, intolerances and religious food preferences?

Yes.  When you register your child online, we will ask you to inform us of any allergies or intolerances to allow us to prepare for any specific needs.  If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us and a member of our catering team would be happy to speak to you.

Can my child bring their own food?

Children are not allowed to bring food from home to after school club.  This is because we cater for a complex range of allergies & intolerances, and need keep tight control of any potential allergens on site.

If my child doesn’t want to join in with some activities are there other things for him/her to do?

Your child will always find a choice of activities available at breakfast club.  Our staff are always on hand to listen to children’s individual likes and dislikes and we are confident that we will be able to guide children towards an activity they can take part in.

What is a walking bus?

A walking bus is a group of children walking to school under the supervision of one or more adults – it’s as simple as that.  All our walking buses follow risk-assessed routes and are led by trained staff.  All children and staff wear high visibility vests.

Does the walking bus operate in wet weather?

The walking bus will operate in wet weather, unless the rain is torrential!  Therefore, please try to ensure your child always arrives at club with clothing that is suitable for the weather that day (e.g. waterproof coat, sun hat).  If the weather is terrible, our Staff may need to put temporary transport arrangements in place to transport children that would normally walk to school, using our minibuses instead.  Any arrangement would be dependent on the number of staff and children we have attending each school, on a given morning.

What if my child is ill?

If your child is ill before you leave home in the morning we ask you not to bring them club, but to follow guidelines set by most schools – in the case of sickness and diarrhoea your child should be free of all symptoms for 48 hours before attending.

If my child needs medication will it be administered at Club?

Any medication must be left with the Manager and we ask you to sign a permission form to enable us to give specific medicines.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

Please see the Cancellation Policy in our terms and conditions for booking.

The Manor Field Burgess Hill breakfast club is for students from the following schools:

  • Birchwood Grove
  • Manor Field
  • Sheddingdean




Our Values

“What I like about Pioneer Club is the staff! Everyone is really friendly and professional, and I am always confident they enjoy looking after Oliver and that he is safe in their care”

Claire Jex

Our Values

“What I like about Pioneer Club is the staff! Everyone is really friendly and professional, and I am always confident they enjoy looking after Oliver and that he is safe in their care”

Claire Jex two

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