How To Pay & Childcare Vouchers

Paying by card

In order to pay by card, you will need to register your details with us. To do this, please register an account online or call our head office on 01444 411388 and we will be able to set you up in just a couple of minutes. Please do not send us any card details via email.

Once you have registered for our card payment system, your card can be reused for any future payment you choose – simple!

Please note that all debit card payments are free, but that any credit card transactions will be subject to a bank processing fee of 3%.

Please note: We are unable to accept American Express.

Paying with Childcare Vouchers

We accept Childcare Vouchers as a form of payment for all bookings. Full payment for all bookings is due in advance and at the time the booking is made. Payments can be made in two ways, either directly from your Pioneer Account Balance or from a registered payment card.

The process

  • When we receive a Childcare Voucher payment from you, we will credit your Pioneer Account Balance.
  • You can then use your Account Balance to make payment for part or all of your booking.
  • Therefore;
    • for ad hoc bookings customers will need to credit their Account Balance prior to making a booking, in order to use Childcare Vouchers as payment.
    • for permanent bookings, all voucher payments must have been received prior to the last working day of the month, in order to be added to a customer account in time for billing. If a voucher does not reach us in time, the full balance will automatically be taken from your default debit card on the 1st of the month.
  • Please be aware It can take up to 4 working days for us to receive a payment after it has been actioned by the customer.

Best practice

  • It is a good idea to keep a surplus in your Pioneer Account Balance, in order to avoid waiting for individual voucher payments to clear whenever you wish to make an ad-hoc booking. You can do this by paying additional vouchers into your account at any point.
  • Building a surplus in your account is particularly advised prior to Easter and Summer Camp, when bills tend to be larger than other school holiday camps.
  • For permanent term time customers, the simplest way to pay via Childcare Vouchers is to set up a regular payment for a fixed amount from your voucher provider. Most parents pay us their full allocation and leave any credit in their account for ad-hoc and holiday care. The alternative is to make a manual payment each month.

Requesting a Refund

Customers are welcome to request a full refund of their Pioneer Account Balance at any point.

Childcare Voucher Providers

We are registered with the following companies:

  • Busy Bees Benefits
  • Care 4 (74581058)
  • Computershare Vouchers (0015588943)
  • Co-operative Childcare (85015423)
  • Edenred (formerly Accor) (P20605992)
  • Fair Care
  • Fideliti vouchers
  • Kiddi Vouchers
  • RG Childcare
  • Say Care / Sodexo (811459)

If your childcare voucher provider is not listed please contact us and we will be happy to register with them.