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Evelyn Henry 09/05/2011
Both boys had a great time at “The Hub”  and really enjoyed the new concept with the ... [More]

Sally Booker 09/05/2011
Hi! Georgie loved The Hub - especially the drama stuff. The days out were also really enjoyed. She feels ... [More]

Tessa Gankerseer 09/05/2011
Hi Dan The Hub..what a success! Alex has never begged me to go back to a club before!...'Pleeease can ... [More]

Emma Russell 09/05/2011
Anything that provokes the response "it was awesome" from a 14 year old gets my vote. Katie thoroughly ... [More]

Julie 09/05/2011
Both Sam and Freya really enjoyed the Easter Hub.  They thought it was a great mix of activities ... [More]

Henrietta Hillier 09/05/2011
Dominic really enjoyed The Hub and would have happily done more days than I'd booked him in for. It was ... [More]

Jo Macauley 09/05/2011
Hi Dan, Callum had a great time last week – he really enjoyed himself and wants me to book him ... [More]

Mrs Tomlin 09/05/2011
Glad to hear that you and your colleagues enjoyed the week.  Harry had a great time and really enjoyed ... [More]

Jennifer Finch 09/05/2011
Dear Dan  One word...WOW! Niamh and Peter loved it......Niamh told me on the Friday that she didn't ... [More]

Joanne Taylor 09/05/2011
Francesca had a fantastic time at the Hub... She bounced out full of joy and could not stop talking about ... [More]

Evelyn Henry 09/05/2011
Hi Dan…. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for Louis’ (awesome as Louis says it was) ... [More]

Tricia Paddick 27/04/2011
Hi Dan Thank you for providing a wonderful week. Aidan really enjoyed the camp, especially being able ... [More]

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